Our Beliefs

First Baptist Church, Abule-Egba is one of the churches that is operating under the Nigerian Baptist Convention. There are some beliefs and practices in the Baptist that is called distinctives. Here are some of them: Priesthood of all believers: This one is saying that every believer is having direct access to God, to the Word of God and to make atonement.

Autonomy of Local Church: The Baptist allows every local church to operate under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. There is responsible autonomy, not just autonomy.

Biblical Authority: Where there are issues, conflicts and arguments between the Bible, custom or traditions, we allow the Bible to take preeminence.

Two Ordinances: There are two major ordinances:
1. The Lord's supper
2. Water Baptism

Also there are two major offices:
1. Office of the Pastor
2. Office of the Deacons

Individual Soul Liberty: This is the competency of an individual. The regenerations. Believing that all souls have been redeemed Separation of Church and the state

Baptist Distinctives

The state should not intervene in the affairs of the church and likewise the church should not intervene in the affairs of the state. Two Biblical offices: Pastor's office as an ordained man of God, whom God called and he is to serve him and the flocks faithfully. The Deacons are the set of people selected by the church members to assist the pastor in carrying out some responsibilities.
We are:

B - Biblical Authority

A - Autonomy of Local Church

P - Priesthood of all Believers

T - Two Ordinances (Baptism and Lord's supper)

I - Individual Soul Liberty or Competency

S - Separation of the State and the Church

T - Two Biblical Offices (Pastor and Deacons)

S - Saved Membership