Christian Education Department

The CED is the umbrella body for Sunday School, Family Life, Discipleship and Adult Literacy. It was first introduced to the church in 2013. Mrs J.T. Olabiyi was the pioneer lead until 2016. Bro Sam Adelani has been leading the department from the beginning of 2017.

Sunday School Department

The Sunday School Department is the Bible teaching arm of the church. It is responsible for nurturing the church members. Members have felt its impact through their knowledge and understanding of the word of God. Through the various Sunday teachings, the focus on real life application of biblical teachings has positive impact on the lives of members.
The following members have held the position of Sunday School Superintendent:

Names Period
Mr. Oyelekan 1983 to 1988
Mr. Sunday Taiwo (now Rev) 1989 to 1996
Mr. Supo Gbadegesin 1997 to 1998
Mrs. Oyewunmi (now Deaconess) 1998 to 2000
Mr. Lawrence Agofure 2001 to 2001
Bro Mowaiye Bolorunduro 2001 to 2006
Bro Wole Aderonmu (now Rev) 2007 to 2010
Bro Benjamin Ohonusi 2011 to 2014
Bro Samuel Adelani 2015 to 2018
Bro Tope Abiona 2019 till date

Adult Education Department

The church had in its membership at its early beginnings members who are unable to read and write. The church established an Adult Education/Mass Literacy Department to empower such members to read and write. It was also open to non-church members. It has enabled many of them to have the ability to read the bible and thus have the knowledge of the mind of God on any issue:

The church appreciates the efforts of the following members who had made it possible to liberate the minds of those who have passed through their tutelage.

1. Mr. David Durodola (now Pastor A-D Durodola)
2. Pastor P.K Abodunde
3. Mrs. J. O Akintunde
4. Mr. James Omolewu
5. Mrs. Queen Okolo
6. Mrs. Rotimi
7. Mrs. Sanyaolu

The initial focus of the department was to make people read and write, and understand the Bible. Beyond that, the department has had tremendous impact on the lives of some members. Some have used the opportunities given them to improve their academic qualification. It has empowered them to be a success in life.

Discipleship Department

The Discipleship Department is a relatively new department in the church. It has as its goal the Making of Disciples of Jesus Christ out of every Christian. In its short period in the church, its impact has been very visible in the transformation of the lives of believers. It has been under the leadership of:

Names Period
Pastor Solomon Oladejo (now Rev) 2005 to 2009
Dn. Martins Iroko 2010 to 2015
Mrs. Beelolari 2016 to date