The Church Diaconate

This Church Diaconate first came into existence in year 2000 when the church ordained the first set of deacons. The diaconate calling, within the constraints in the administration of the church, has touched lived of members in its own small way.

Election and Ordination of the First Set of Deacons

The first ordination of Deacons took place on 27th February 2000, about nine years after the church’s organization in 1991. Their mandate was to assist the Pastor and help the church to fulfill its God-given mandate. Their ordination followed a process that ensured full participation of all the church members in the selecting persons who meet the criteria worthy of a deacon.

The first Deacons/Deaconesses ordained on 27th February, 2000 are:
1. Deaconess Iyabo Edun
2. Deacon Peter Enitinwa
3. Deaconess R. Oyewunmi
4. Deacon S. O. Taiwo

The church ordained the next set of Deacons/Deaconesses on Sunday, 7th October, 2007. They are:
1. Deacon G.I. Akintunde
2. Deaconess M.T. Falade
3. Deacon Richard Aweda (Present, Church Secretary)
4. Deacon O.M. Iroko
5. Deaconess Bukola Ogunleye (Diaspora)