Our History

The church we know today as First Baptist Church (FBC), Abule-Egba had its beginning in August 1983. The entire family of Mr. E.O. Oyewunmi (now late Reverend E.O Oyewunmi) notified Akoka Baptist Church, their place of worship then, that they would be relocating to their own house at 49, Arowolo Street, Abule-Egba.

The Akoka Baptist Church Leader, Deacon J.K. Adedokun then conveyed a meeting of the Church Executive Council. The Church Executive Council discussed Mr. Oyewunmi’s notice to determine the support the church could render, especially in view of the fact that there was no Baptist church in the whole of Abule-Egba. The EC resolved at the meeting to support The Oyewunmis to have a place of worship in their new area. This led to the birth of First Baptist Church, Abule-Egba. The church started as a house fellowship on 4th December 1983 at the residence of The Oyewunmis.

In the course of the time, and early at the beginning of the house fellowship, other people that later became Foundation Members of FBC, Abule-Egba joined The Oyewunmis. They included Pa Odunsi and his family, Pa Oke and his family and other people.
The growth in membership led to a request to Akoka Baptist Church to increase its support, and to recognize the fellowship formally as an outreach of the church. This led to the change of name of the house fellowship to First Baptist Church, Abule-Egba. Akoka appointed a church leader for the new church in person of Deacon J.K. Adedokun to oversee its physical and spiritual growth. Other members of Akoka Baptist Church also joined Deacon Adedokun in the weekly visit to Abule-Egba. These were Deacon Ige (late), Deacon B.M. Showunmi and Deacon Fajimi.

The new church was eager to grow physically and spiritually in the virgin mission field area that Abule-Egba was then. The church organized Booster Events that helped its early growth in 1984.
Series of crusades, facilitated by Star of Christ Society, Akoka Baptist Church, became a regular affair on fortnightly basis. The crusades usually included witnessing to people around. Brother Paul Kayode Abodunde was a member of Star of Christ Society and an active participant in the crusades. Other selfless servants of God coming from Akoka included Mr. Taiwo Awolola who volunteered his vehicle to convey the visiting teams from Akoka weekly at no cost.

During this period, the church was still meeting at the residence of The Oyewunmis. With the crusades, and the hands of God moving to make more people join the new church, the place could no longer accommodate members. Hence, there was a need to move to a bigger place. The church moved to her permanent sites then at Reggie close, in the year 1987, which was bought with initial deposit payment while Mrs. Okwuoka the Matron of Imole n’tan Society, of the church and member of Akoka Baptist Church complete the payment with initial money to celebrate her birthday to the glory of God.

Important Milestones
1987, Late Deacon Ige replaced Deacon Adedokun as Church Leader.
1988, Akoka Baptist Church posted Student Pastor P.K. Abodunde from Pastors’ School Oyo FBC, Abule Egba before his retirement on Dec 9, 2017, to the glory of God.

The Church Organization
As with every Baptist Church, the focus on evangelism and prayers led to continuous increase in membership of the church over time. This encouraged the mother church (Akoka Baptist Church) to prayerfully plan for the organization of the church. The organization took place in 1991 in agreement with the members of FBC Abule Egba. Thus, the church became an autonomous entity in 1991.
Rev Lawal, the pastor of Akoka Baptist Church, Pastor P. K. Abodunde and other ministers were present at the organization of the church. Most of the pioneer members earlier mentioned were also present. As at the time or organization of the church, the average number of worshippers in the church was about one hundred.

In accordance with the guidelines of Nigerian Baptist Convention for an organized church, the church established Six departments initially. The departments helped to extend the frontiers of evangelism and meet the needs of members. The Six departments were: Men Missionary Union, Women Mission Union, Youth, Lydia, Royal Ambassador, and Adult Education Department.
The Early Church Societies, during its early years, the church had the following societies: Itesiwaju, Ore Ofe, Imole n’tan, Emi l’Olorun. The Impact of the Societies on the Church was enormous, whereby Imole n’tan Society bought the first evangelism bus for the church. All the societies were involved in the fundraising effort towards building of the church auditorium.

In the church history, the church has worked to bring the good news to areas hitherto not reached. It has establishment three preaching station. Two of them are fully organized. Namely Pentecost Baptist Church, Oko Oba, Lagos, Living faith Baptist Church, Abule Ekun Town (Beginning work of the church MMU as a house fellowship) and Salvation Baptist Church, Ogbomosho 2008 (The church results from the evangelism activities of Rev Paul Kayode Abodunde after a crusade carried out at Ogbomosho. Late Pastor Adesoye, a convert from idol worship to Christianity, became the pioneer pastor of the church. He attended Baptist School of Theology, Igede-Ekiti after his conversion. The church is at present located to a more spacious location in a developing area of Ogbomosho. It is experiencing growth under the able hands of Rev Abayomi Orisunmibare.

Rev Paul Kayode Abodunde is a pioneer Shepherd of the church for thirty years plus with numerous growth experience under his watch the church was organized in 1991. He was ordained Reverend in 1997 for full pastoral ministry. Also, he relocated the church from Reggie close to her permanent site at Olaniyi Street, Abule-Egba, Lagos. Rev Abodunde is a firm believer in effective prayer. He encourages members to have meaningful prayer life. He also encourages church members to realize their ministries by giving them opportunity to come to the altar to minister to the congregation. Churches around know him very well. Even non-Baptist churches recognized the call of God upon his life. They call him to minister during special programs in their churches. Rev Abodunde has a desire to reach out to larger audience as part of the fulfillment of the kingdom mandate. Also, Rev Segun Oyewale was contacted to head the church music department through the yearly project of Imole N’tan Society. In 1998, the society took the upgrade of choir as their project. Through Rev P. K. Abodunde, the society brought in Pastor Oyewale, a music-pastor-in-training at The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomosho, for three months’ vacation work. The church loved his impact during the vacation period. Because of his impact, the church inducted him as the music pastor in June 1999 on completion of his studies. Rev Oyewale was ordained into full ministry on 10th November, 2002. Throughout the period of his vacation job with the church, Mama Tewogbade, a member of Imole N’tan Society provided accommodation at no cost to the church. Rev Segun Oyewale left the service of the church in May 2006 for oversees for further training.

After various challenges experienced at Reggie close, the church through the lead of the holy spirit planned and relocate to her present site which is situated at 12b Olaniyi Street, Abule-Egba, Lagos. The Church Auditorium was dedicated to the glory of God on 9th November 2013 by Revd Paul Kayode Abodunde. Efforet of notable members of the church can never be forgotten in person of Barriter S.O Alabi, the pioneer chairman Deacon G.I. Akintunde, Mr. Adeoye Falade, Mr. Bolorunduro Mowaiye, and Mrs. Shofoluwe (late).
The occasion marked the conclusion of God’s plan to relocate His church to a more spacious and open place that allows the church to be more visible and continue fulfill His mandate.

This Church Diaconate first came into existence in year 2000 when the church ordained the first set of deacons. The diaconate calling, within the constraints in the administration of the church, has touched lived of members in its own small way.
The first Deacons/Deaconesses ordained on 27th February, 2000 are:
Deaconess Iyabo Edun, Deacon Peter Enitinwa, Deaconess R. Oyewunmi, Deacon S. O. Taiwo (Now Reverend)

The church ordained the next set of Deacons/Deaconesses on Sunday, 7th October, 2007. They are:
Deacon G.I. Akintunde, Deaconess M.T. Falade, Deacon Richard Aweda, Deacon O.M. Iroko, Deaconess Bukola Ogunleye

Presently the church holds two services Hausa and combined Yoruba and English service.

The church is presently Shepherd by Revd Dr. Oladele Matthew Amoo.