Men Missionary Union (MMU)

The Men Missionary Union is one of the major departments in the church. The key focus of the Union, as the name implies and in line with Convention standard, is MISSION WORK. The Union is to support the vision of the church pastor, or the vision directly given to the leadership of the Union or as directed by the Association/Conference/Convention. The MMU has oversight responsibility for the Royal Ambassadors of the church.

The following members have been President of the Union:

Names Period
Mr. J.B. Olabiyi 1992 to 1993
Mr. Lawrence Agofure 1994 to 1997
Mr. G.I. Akintunde 1998 to 2001
Mr. A.A. Falade 2002 to 2005
Mr. R.A. Aweda 2007 to 2008
Mr. A. Adegoke 2009 to 2012
Mr. O.M. Iroko 2013 to 2016
Mr. O. Adegbiji 2017 to date