Women Missionary Union (WMU)

The Women Missionary Union is the body of all married women in the church. The WMU has oversight responsibility for Girls Auxiliary (GA) and Lydia of the Church. This is according to the Convention standard. The WMU has a record of very outstanding performance and impact in the history of the church. The body has been involved in major projects to support church growth.

The following women have led the Union as President:

Names Period
Mrs. O.M. Durodola 1991 to 1994
Mrs. Tewogbade 1995 to 1996
Mrs. C.O. Aweda 1997 to 1998
Mrs. Iyabo Taiwo 1999 to 2001
Mrs. D. Atsu 2002 to 2006
Mrs. Adio 2007 to 2009
Mrs. Busola Ilesanmi 2010 to 2013
Mrs. M.T. Falade 2014 to 2017
Mrs Yemisi Beelolari 2018 – till date